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Sep 18, 2018

Episode The Third of Steve Monosson's Podcast of No Return is here! 

On this week's hilarious episode:

  1. Brennan Lowery joins Steve to talk about pontoons,  the Turkmenistan waterways question, and his featured role in the new Dorothy Lyman play "In The Bleak Midwinter." The show --  which is getting rave reviews-- runs through September 23rd and tickets are available here.
  2. Announcer Carl LaFong returns and is showing signs of stress, hitting the bottle perhaps a bit too hard.
  3. "The Battle for the Soul of Hank Panky (Parts 1A & B)" debuts, featuring (in order of appearance):
    Brennan Lowery as the dubiously self-aware Hank Panky
    Meghan Partridge as the ever-glamorous Gladys
    Mario X. Soto as Hank’s no-nonsense father Frank Panky
    Jessica Webb as the eternally resilient Miss Jiblets
    Meghan Partridge again as the inexplicably histrionic Mrs. Mugsy
    And Brennan Lowery doing double duty as the voice of the technically savvy yet socially maladroit Eugene Crowley.
  4.  Finally, Steve wraps up the show and tries to figure out what to do for the next episode.

PS.  Check out the BONUS MATERIAL as Johnny Mathis almost joins Steve for a probing interview.