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Nov 15, 2018

Episode THE FOURTH of Steve Monosson's Podcast of No Return is here! 

On this week's mind-jiggling episode:

  1. Brennan Lowery once again joins Steve to provide commentary for the math-defying number of parts of the finale of THE BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF HANK PANKY. This is one battle you really don't want to miss.
  2. New announcer Waldo Slackman joins the cast and lets his feelings be known about his would-be predecessor, Carl La Fong.
  3. "The Battle for the Soul of Hank Panky (Parts 2A & 2@&^!)" concludes, featuring (in order of appearance):
    Brennan Lowery as the socially challenged Eugene Crowley, as well as the perhaps more self-aware Hank Panky
    Meghan Partridge as the ever-glamorous Gladys
    Mario X. Soto as (possibly) Waldo Slackman and the ever-excitable Widow Egmont
    Jessica Webb as the increasingly take-charge Miss Jiblets and the swingingly seductive Susan Lucci
    Meghan Partridge again as the inexplicably histrionic Mrs. Mugsy
  4. Finally, Steve & Brennan wrap up the show – absolutely.