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Mar 1, 2019

Is There Comedy In Space, And If So What Kind Of Car Would It Drive?

Episode Seven of Steve Monosson’s Podcast of No Return is Ready for Lift-Off!

  • Alfonse returns as Narrator, doing a bang-up job as he works through the uncomfortable memory of an aunt whose loud sundresses with begonias on them disturbed him as a youth.
  • This week's sketch, "DRY CLEANING DETROIT," is a lunar laugh-fest for the ages -- the space age or any other age you care to think of.

Mario X. Soto as Alfonse and Phil
Jessica Webb as Natalia
Brennan Lowery as Tex the Dry Cleaning Car Dealer
Meghan Partridge as the Alien Space Hippie
Steve Monosson as Steve

The Podcast of No Return
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