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Dec 26, 2018

Episode Five of Steve Monosson's Podcast of No Return is here again (we had some engineering difficulties and so technically this is episode 5.1)! 

On this week's episode:

  1. Brennan and Steve try to decide which genre the film GOODFELLAS belongs to.
  2. Carl La Fong makes his final appearance as narrator. A sad nation mourns the loss.
  3. We’re proud to present the first installment of THE BOYS FROM BAY RIDGE, a tale of mobs, men, and things that go hop in the night. The cast:
    Mario X. Soto as the hard-thinking Thirty-Knuckles Gambone, along with the hard-to-think Alfonse.
    Skeet McHam as the iron-fisted Boss Totale.
    Meghan Partridge as the put-upon Vincenzo Flensing.
    Steve Monosson as enforcer Jar Face Credenza.
  4. Finally, Steve & Brennan wrap up the show and don’t get tattoos this time.

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