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Jul 18, 2019

Episode 13: "The Stick-Up"

Hank Panky, the operator of The Last Chance Employment Agency, joins Steve this week as co-host as Hank launches his new YouTube Channel (or does he?). This week's sketch features a would-be bank robber doing his bank-robbing thing at a bank which has recently banned robberies of any kind on the premises. The finale is a literal meltdown.

Brennan Lowery
as Hank Panky and Mr. Perkins
Alyson Cripps as Mrs. Aougherty and The Girl with the Guck
Mario X. Soto as The Bank Robber
Jack Rokiki as Mr. Watkins

The Podcast of No Return is written, produced, and directed by Steve Monosson. Additional material provided by Brennan Lowery.

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