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Jun 5, 2019


Gladys -- just "Gladys"-- Hank Panky's longtime receptionist at the Last Chance Employment Agency, finally gets to air out her grievances and whatnot in a therapy session with one Dr. Wallace Wentworth. Gladys delves into her childhood, her relationship with her boss, and why she has no last name. Living her life with a rare condition called "shprechen-like-ze-intercom-itosis," Gladys finally lets it all hang out.

Once again joining Steve in navigating the byways of the episode, Eugene Crowley recounts his experiences on the "Let's Date A Weirdo" game show, and why so much depends on him doing his laundry on Sunday.

Meghan Partridge as Gladys
Jack Rokiki as Dr.Wallace Wentworth
Brennan Lowery as Hank Panky and Eugene
Alyson Cripps as Mother Gladys
Mario X. Soto as Father Gladys
Steve Monosson as Steve

The Podcast of No Return is written, produced, and directed by Steve Monosson. Additional material provided by Brennan Lowery.

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