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Apr 28, 2019

The Burning Question: Would You Still Love Me If...?

Eugene Crowley (Brennan Lowery) once again joins Steve to introduce the featured sketch "Would You Still Love Me If...?", which finds a young man out to a romantic French dinner with his beloved, wanting to know just how deep his beloved's love is for him. Or so it seems...

And The Podcast of No Return welcomes a new sponsor: GO GO B-O, the first non-isolating solution to that nagging Toxic Body Odor Syndrome problem.

Brennan Lowery
as Eugene Crowley and The Man In Love 
Meghan Partridge as The Woman and GO GO B-O Announcer
Steve Monosson as Steve, Paul, and The French Waiter

The Podcast of No Return is written, produced, and directed by Steve Monosson. Additional material provided by Brennan Lowery.

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