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Aug 20, 2019

Episode 14: "Appointment with Mick Jones"

Ed Haney has a meeting with Mick Jones of The Clash -- or does he?? Find out the explosive answer to this mystery in this week's episode, which kicks off Season Two.

NOTE: This contains both audio and video materials, but you don’t have to watch the video to enjoy the episode....

Jul 18, 2019

Episode 13: "The Stick-Up"

Hank Panky, the operator of The Last Chance Employment Agency, joins Steve this week as co-host as Hank launches his new YouTube Channel (or does he?). This week's sketch features a would-be bank robber doing his bank-robbing thing at a bank which has recently banned robberies of any kind on...

Jun 5, 2019


Gladys -- just "Gladys"-- Hank Panky's longtime receptionist at the Last Chance Employment Agency, finally gets to air out her grievances and whatnot in a therapy session with one Dr. Wallace Wentworth. Gladys delves into her childhood, her relationship with her boss, and why she has no...

May 13, 2019

Episode 11: "LET’S DATE A WEIRDO” Game Show!

For this week’s tantalizing and terrifying episode Let’s Date A Weirdo!, Steve’s old pal — veteran dater, rock star, and 100+ times husband/divorcee White Floyd joins Steve to comment on the action. Let’s Date A Weirdo! is the ONLY game show which presents a...

Apr 28, 2019

The Burning Question: Would You Still Love Me If...?

Eugene Crowley (Brennan Lowery) once again joins Steve to introduce the featured sketch "Would You Still Love Me If...?", which finds a young man out to a romantic French dinner with his beloved, wanting to know just how deep his beloved's love is for him. Or so it...