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Apr 1, 2019

Who Will Be This Year's Coal Holding Champ?!

Episode Nine of The Podcast of No Return follows all the action at the 129th Annual Burning Coal Holding Championship in Kuala Lumpur. Will the Cinderella Samoan -- Gug Keenwa -- prevail, or will the stony Estonian take the crown this year? You'll have to listen and find out! 

Also, "tech archaeologist" Eugene Crowley debuts as co-host and tells his tech tales, testing the endurance of human listenability!

Brennan Lowery
as Eugene, Tim Holesworthy, Mort Snodroy, and Mamam Gug (also furnishing additional material) 
Mario X. Soto as Gug Keenwa (also furnishing additional material) 
Meghan Partridge as Cheryl Klotzinger
Steve Monosson as Steve

The Podcast of No Return is written, produced, and directed by Steve Monosson

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