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Dec 28, 2020

Episode 16: "There's No Business Like GI Joe Business" 

The Podcast of No Return visits a World War II battlefield where due to a bureaucratic mixup, Captain James “Jixy” Strayhorn, a USO volunteer troop entertainment specialist, has been placed in charge of C Company, a front line fighting unit. Always game no...

Nov 11, 2020

Episode 15: "The King's Problem"

There's a plague decimating this medieval kingdom, but the king doesn't want to hear anything about it. It puts him in a bad mood.

Brennan Lowery
as The King
Alyson Cripps as Lady Fumferry
Steve Monosson as Everyone Else

The Podcast of No Return is written, produced, and directed by...

Aug 20, 2019

Episode 14: "Appointment with Mick Jones"

Ed Haney has a meeting with Mick Jones of The Clash -- or does he?? Find out the explosive answer to this mystery in this week's episode, which kicks off Season Two.

NOTE: This contains both audio and video materials, but you don’t have to watch the video to enjoy the episode....

Jul 18, 2019

Episode 13: "The Stick-Up"

Hank Panky, the operator of The Last Chance Employment Agency, joins Steve this week as co-host as Hank launches his new YouTube Channel (or does he?). This week's sketch features a would-be bank robber doing his bank-robbing thing at a bank which has recently banned robberies of any kind on...

Jun 5, 2019


Gladys -- just "Gladys"-- Hank Panky's longtime receptionist at the Last Chance Employment Agency, finally gets to air out her grievances and whatnot in a therapy session with one Dr. Wallace Wentworth. Gladys delves into her childhood, her relationship with her boss, and why she has no...